shipping monaka w other characters?? no. the only monaka ship is physically shipping her far away from junko enoshima’s toxic influence.

I approve highly of my description. ovob Also I like how Kayla’s is just in China ahaha. XD

good, i was having fun with those and YEAH i was laughing about doing that but i was like “that’s all you need to know right now bc she’s not using tumblr”

new friends page up, check it out, let me know what you think/if you want to be on it/would like a different icon/how you are today. you know, whatever.

alright, i’m working on putting up one of those family pages sooo everyone i talk to regularly/i feel confident that i am Friends with will go on there first, but let me know if you wanna be pals too

and for anyone who’s gonna be on it, let me know what icon you’d like!

well that’s that playlist, now i’m going to listen to the “fathers and sons” one because i guess i’m ready to be wrecked

…viva la vida is here. i don’t even understand what sense that makes and it’s upsetting me?



6/6 Female Characters ➵ C.C.

there’s a cover of crazy by gnarls barkley on this fst

i wonder why tha—

"i remember when i lost my mind"